The mission of our LAB is twofold. First experiment with the evolution of technologies in order to underpin our RoadMap. Second, to create prototypes, POC for our customers who want to experiment with new uses in their business context. Discover some examples.

Bridge between classic RTC and WebRTC

Linking PSTN to WebRTC is the best way to go forward smoothly in the new communication world. With this kind of solution, you can imagine for example, allowing a person to join a Web conference from his mobile device connected on a mobile network.

Connected Glasses

Physicians spend hours each day on patient documentation in the Electronic Health Records. With a Californian startup which provides an all-in-one service where real-time video communication allows a remote assistant support to the physician all day long. Based on Google Glass, Bistri is one of the very rare solutions available to make one-way video calls from Glass to the Web.