They are changing the way to do their business

They are changing the way to do their business

Integrate real time communications into your applications, improve the user experience of your applications and transform your industry. Our solutions can be used in a large variety of markets : CRM, Groupware, Education, e-Health, Social networks, coaching, connected objects and more…

Customer relations

Multiple uses in customer relationship management will increase the customer satisfaction with a more effective interactions in each step of customer relations.

  • Pre sales

    Give the visitors of your website the opportunity to contact your pre-sales team by chat, audio, and even video to increase your sales.

  • Sales team

    Give them the possibility to contact their customers directly and simply from their customer master record.

  • Support

    Increase the quality of the support with a multimedia web call.


Telemedicine will be an evolution to medicine that will increase the quality of services while reducing costs.

  • Telemedicine

    Consultation between a doctor and a patient

  • Hospice care

    Seniors can interact simply with their families and doctors from a tablet or PC.

" Our solution is HIPAA compliant. No personal data is stored on our servers. "

Enterprise collaboration

Simplify the interaction between colleagues and external providers or partners (trainers, consultants, sub contractors) wherever they are while reducing costs of infrastructure.

  • Web conferencing

    From a simple desktop, colleagues can organize quick working collaboration

  • Coaching

    A coaching session can be organized and personal data can be exchanged. No need to download or install any applications.

Social networks

For social networking platforms including trades, trust is really important. Thanks to our solution, the possibility to have a video chat with the correspondent and to show for example the apartment that is up for rent, reassures each party.

Internet of things

Integrating open communications solutions based on a standard in connected devices allows you to reduce production and maintenance costs.