A complete value added platform of real time communication on the Web


Simple and ready to use

taking the easy road

Javascript Library, SDKs for mobiles, plugins for WordPress to integrate chat text, audio, video, screen sharing, file transfer in your web and mobile applications or websites. Whatever the kind of access tools you choose, no need to worry about telecommunications infrastructure. Our platform, designed to be able to manage a huge volume of calls and data transfer, is proposed as a platform-as-a-service.

What is WebRTC ?


WebRTC is a communication standard which transforms the real time communications on the Web enabling communication browser to browser. This open source project is supported by browsers providers like Google, Mozilla and Opera but also Apple, Ericsson, Cisco and recently Microsoft. But, it’s a standard not a solution. As member of W3C consortium and experts of this domain, our ambition is to provide you the best solution using this new standard.

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We propose different competitive economic models. Competitive because we adjust our model to yours. And also, because whatever the model, it is never based on the duration of the calls.

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