Text, audio, video chat, web conferencing, screen sharing and more for your websites and business applications. Discover our offer.

BISTRI in short

  • A PaaS offering

    A PaaS offering

    BISTRI’s platform is ready to use. No need to worry about infrastructure. We provide innovative, reliable and scalable Platform as a service that is designed to support huge calls and data transferring.

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  • APIs and SDKs

    APIs and SDKs

    Our range of advanced access solutions : Javascript library, Android and IOS SDKs, enable developers, system integrators and editors to incorporate real-time communications features into any web or mobile application.

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  • Plugins – Snippet

    Plugins – Snippet

    Simple but powerful tools to quickly integrate text, audio and video chat into your website. Copy the code of our snippet we display and paste in your web page. Download our plugin “Live Support desk” for WordPress.

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    A large variety of markets and applications take advantage of these new ways to communicate. Customer relations, e-Health, online coaching, are just some of the areas where our services are being used. The only limit to our solution: the creativity of our customers.

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    As a member of W3C, BISTRI is a pioneer of WebRTC. WebRTC awards in 2012 and 2013, as well as Gartner Cool Vendor recognition in 2013 “…BISTRI currently has one of the most complete WebRTC solutions…”. Since our inception, we’ve stayed committed to providing the best quality solutions.



    Our LAB stays up to date and tests new technological trends, experiments to find innovative uses, and develops POC and prototypes for our customers who need to validate new uses in their field.

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