How to test our services ?

How to test our services ?

Test our platform

  • Simply 3 clics !!

    Before to discovery our API’s and SDK’s, we invite to discovery Linkello, our videocall SaaS solution. This service is based on our API’s and our platform. After simply 3 clics, you can organize a call and then test the quality of our service. So clic here

And then ?

  • Different solutions to ensure your satisfaction !!

    It depends on your needs.

    You consider that Linkello answers to your needs or it could be a good solution for the first steps of your project ?

    •  You can continue to use it like you already did it
    •  Or you are interested by our professional version ( : under your colors, more features,… In this case, contact us.

    You are satisfied by the quality of the service, but you really need for a real professional project to integrate video call service into your own application. So, join our developers, system integrators, editors, enterprises that used our PaaS (through API’s and mobile SDK’s.)

    For this, you can open an account for first step. So please request to open a developer account here. This account will allow to do first tests for 25 € with a total of 100 connexions during 2 weeks (request only with a professional email address and a public website could be accepted). After these first tests, to go to the next step of your project (development), a pack is waiting for you to start the project. Please contact us to have commercial information about the pack.