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Who are we ?

BISTRI is born on an idea to take advantage of WebRTC standard to implement and market a disruptive monitored platform-as-a-service based on this standard,supported by free middleware tools for developers and for application providers.
BISTRI’s team cumulates several years of experience and knowledge on WebRTC and HTML5 and share with customers its ambition to transform real time communications around the world.
Passion, creativity and ambitious are our value drivers each day.


As member of W3C at the beginning, BISTRI is a pioneer of WebRTC. Our team brings years of experience to the table, and has expert knowledge of the WebRTC environment. You will see the difference this knowledge brings through the quality of our products, our support and our expert advice.

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BISTRI is always looking for new talent that can help our team. Contact us if you have strong skills in the technical, marketing, or sales domains.

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