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Tutorial: how to build a simple video chat application in a few steps

Bistri Team July 23, 2013 demo, engineering, tutorial 5 comments

We’ve just published an howto build a simple video chat application in a few steps:

The code of a complete WebRTC video chat application is given at the end of the page, as a Fiddle:


  • Bistri Conference is compatible only with WebRTC enabled browsers: Chrome 23+, Firefox 22
  • You need to create an application on the Bistri Developers portal in order to get your personal API keys (if you don’t already have a developer account, you can freely create one at the following address:
  • Add Bistri WebRTC lib to your page


JBK2424 - October 9, 2013 Reply

This is so awesome and a great testament to the advancements with the newest protocols – great job working this out guys!

Are you guys aware if there is a way to do this involving multiple parties?
i.e. not just 1-to-1?
1-to-many and many-to-1?

bistri - October 18, 2013 Reply

You can experience Video Conference on up to 4 participants. The APIs let you create your own video conference room with only a few lines of code. This is a demo application :

sarah nelson - October 31, 2013 Reply


I am trying to build an android application that included a
live video chat function. Users will log
in, select the person they want to chat with and connect. Then once the call
has finished they will be requested to complete a form providing feedback.

This is just one function of the app so I am worried about
using these sites that provide the service of video chat as I would need to be
able to incorporate it in to the app as appose to that being the only function
of the app. In many ways the app will
function a lot like skype in that all users will have a profile. But I would like the option of having ‘1 to
many’ calls not just ‘1 to 1’.

I am a complete novice. Please could you advise me how I would
go about creating this? What software to use to build my app (preferably free)
what server system I would need to use etc.

I do hope you can help.

Akshaan Behl - January 7, 2014 Reply

Even I am looking for something similar to this. Did you get anything close to what you are developing?

bistri - June 5, 2014 Reply

The SDK for Android is available :

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